Gordon Cormier

Gordon Cormier - Lying 'bout Where You're Lyin' lyrics

C. Durkin / G. Cormier

She's gettin' colder by the minute

and more distant by the day

she says she still got feeling

but that's not what people say

she's not been out around the town

or seeing someone new

but that's just what she tells me

so I don't feel so blue

As I took a walk this morning

just to try to ease my mind

a teardrop trickled down my face

as I drifted back in time

you placed a ring upon my finger

and gladly said "I do"

it was the happiest day of my life

the start of something new

Now you're lyin' 'bout where you're lying

and it's with somebody new

you're steppin' out around the town

and making me a fool

my friends all tried to tell me

but my ears were just to blind

you're lyin' 'bout where you're lying

and messin' with my mind

It's true that some fall out of love

as fast as they fell in

and it's so easy just to walk away

from a love that could have been

but you know that love don't end so fast

for the one that meant I do

but I'll pick up the pieces

and try to get over you

(Chorus) 'cause you're lyin'...

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