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Artist: George Strait
Song: Somwhere Down In Texas
Album: Somewhere Down In Texas, 2005


G F#m G Asus4 A D

verse 1
I've been on the road now
for dang near all my life
Em    A             D
i do love to sing a song
i can say i've worked hard
put in my time
Em                  A                   
now it's time to go home
    Bm       A     Em
and catch up on my chores
          Bm       A          Asus4   A
watch the sun set from my porch

        G                 F#m
i'll be somewhere down in texas
          A           D
if you're looking for me
G                F#m
drinking in that great wide open
Em             Asus4 A
soaking up the summer breeze
G               F#m
kickin back and settled in
A           D
with my family
        G                 F#m
i'll be somewhere down in texas
          A           D
if you're looking for me

verse 2

that's where i got started
where i was born and bred
it's a fire inside of me
i couldn't have imagined
this texas highway led
far beyond my wildest dreams
but i'll turn out the lights tonight
and say goodnight but not goodbye

repeat chorus

short instrumental
G F#m Em A


     Bm      A    Em
i've made so many friends
          Bm       A    Asus4 A
i hope we meet someday again, until then

repeat chorus 
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