George Jones

George Jones - Perfect Match lyrics

Well I look across my morning cup of coffee and see an angel smiling back at me

And I think of how your loving seems to fit just like a glove

And your disposition suits me to a T

And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing that you feel the way you do

Cause it makes my life worth living and I get a thrill from giving

All my love to you and only you

You and me together we're a perfect match

In each other we have found a perfect catch

Like two ol' birds on the eggs of happiness knowin' they're gonna hatch

You and me together we're a perfect match

[ guitar ]

You know just what I need and when I need it

With you contentment it wasn't hard to find

And though we have our problems we let love and kindness solve 'em

You think that we could read each other's minds

Sometimes I think that we should start all over

I'll bet we wouldn't want to change a thing

Through the good times and the bad ones just a few real sad ones

We found happiness that only true love brings

You and me together...

You and me together we're a perfect match

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