George Jones

George Jones - Forever's Here To Stay guitar chord

(C) She stepped out of the Taxi, with (F) a suitcase

in her hand. And a (C) hand bag to full for her to

(G7) hold. I (C) felt her body tremble as I (F) took

her in my arms. And she (C) whispered, don't (G7)

ever let me (C) go.

CHORUS: The I (F) watched her hang her dresses up and

(C) close the closet door. And I (F) watched her put

her (C) satin things (G7) away. (C) Some how now I know

she won't be (F) leaving anymore. (C) I do believe

(G7) forever's here to (C) stay.

(C) It's good to hear her foot steps just (F) walking

down the hall. Lord, I (C) wondered would I hear those

sounds (G7) again. We're (C) picking up the pieces, and

(F) putting away the past. We've (C) got a lot of

(G7) broken dreams to (C) mend. (repeat Chorus:)

LAST: I do believe (G7) forever's here to (C) stay.

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