George Jones

George Jones - A Good lyrics

(feat. C-4)


He love me (He love that rock)

He love me (He love that rock)

He love me (He love that rock)

He love me,(Well he if he love you then tell him to stop)

He love me (He love that rock)

He love me (He love that rock)

He love me (Come on bitch, he love that rock)

He love me,(Well he if he love you then tell him to stop)


You ever came home everything ya owned was gone

TV, VCR, fridge and phone

And poor your Armani boo cologne

That nice China set from your mother-in-law

Ya say to yourself "How could I get robbed?"

The guard dog would've bit somebody for sure

Could it be somebody that you probably know

Got the ABT code and the keys to the door, no

You better think again gullable ho

Somebody you know was on a rob patrol


And I seen em' pull up in a Pinto

I couldn't believe, eyes peekin' through the window

Ain't y'all engaged, well that day he was with the neighborhood bimbo

I thought to myself, OH!

Why would he a need a credit card to get in for

You keep a set of keys under the mat

He ain't thinkin' of that, he stealin' for crack

On the street he can get a hundred for that

I hope you don't really think he bringin' it back

I'm tellin' ya girl he stole it

He was standin' around the last time I saw it

I remember when you bought it

That son of a bitch got balls if he can pawn it

I remember when I seen him this morning

He pulled me to the side asked me if I want it

I had to look real close for a moment

I was shocked when I seen it was your shit

He put it away cause he somebody was comin' and just took off runnin'

I told ya woman, he love that rock


I remember when I met him two years ago

At the Texaco, I was checkin' though

He impressed me though, he was enchanting though

He ain't have no dough but he was sexy though

At first I played hard to get though

But it got so good I had to let it go

It was one to four, put it on me slow

Even asked me to marry him in Mexico

I can't explain how he made me feel

I was head over heels, in love for real

I took him home so he could meet my dad

Took care of his ass, gave him all my cash

For a year and a half I treated him good

He said he needed space, I understood

He be out all not, what seems for days

Then he showed up crazed and he needed to shave

Smellin' like rotten eggs, I'd tell him to bathe

Clean him up, take him to church and get him saved

In Jesus' name I can make him change

If I would've lost my way he would've done the same

Cause he love me



I'm tellin' ya he ain't gonna stop, stop

And he just love that rock, rock

Kid run up in ya crib like knock, knock

Take everything that cha' got, got

Gold watch, watch jewelry box, box

The go straight to the pawn shop, shop

He's ridin' that white horse, horse

And he don't wanna get off, off

I got a 800 number you can call, call

Cause that love y'all had is lost, lost

He don't love you he love that rock


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