George Jones

George Jones - 50000 Names lyrics

There's teddy bears and high school rings

and old photographs that mamas bring

Of daddies with their young boy, playing ball.

There's combat boots,he used to wear,

When he was sent over there.

And there's 50,000 names, carved in the wall

There's cigarettes, and cans of beer

and notes that say I miss you dear

and children who don't say anything at all.

There's purple hearts and packs of gum

fatherless daughters and fatherless sons

and there's 50,000 names carved in the wall

They come from all across this land

In pickup trucks and mini vans

Searching for a boy from long ago

They scan the wall and find his name

The teardrops fall like pouring rain

and silently they leave a gift and go

There's Stars of David and rosary beads

and crucifixion figurines

and flowers of all colors large and small

There's a Boy Scout badge and a merit pin

Little American flags waving in the wind

and there's 50,000 names carved in the wall.

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