Gary Numan

Gary Numan - The Dream Police lyrics

slogan: "what is on your mind"

the airwave boys

junkies won't get radio time

the purist league

white trenchcoats in pre-war style

the aging queens

mister won't you stay a while

in death row with Harlow

and others like you

i point my finger of hate

at you and love you and love you

the radio is talking

is it you or me

i must admit

it's far too late to dial police

what is your name

we are the end of the line

her eyes went out

dreaming "overdose on time"

hey you old grey eyes

don't practice dying for real

the only one

September she knows i can feel

Gary Numan, "The Dream Police", _T_u_b_e_w_a_y _A_r_m_y (Beggars Banquet/ATCO 1978

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