Gary Numan

Gary Numan - My Love Is A Liquid lyrics

can you see her little hands

don't you think she looks just like me

can you hear her little scream

can you hear her little cry

don't you think she sounds just like me

you have friends and we have reasons

i can't meet you face-to-face

there are no corners to hide in my room

no doors no windows no fireplace

my love is only for me

my love needs nobody else

did you know that my love is a liquid

i could talk to me for years

i can't speak to you at all

did you know that friends come in boxes

save your money buy a tube

let your body flow inside

watch it grow before your eyes

watch it grow before your eyes

Gary Numan, "My Love Is A Liquid", _T_u_b_e_w_a_y _A_r_m_y (Beggars Banquet/ATCO 1978

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