Gary Numan

Gary Numan - Generator lyrics

We generate emotion

We generate a feeling

That is better left here

Than a memory on a wall

I'd rather cry than forget you

We generate pain

We generate suspicion

We generate a rumour that's sick

But a rumour that is probably true

I'd rather die than forget you

(I won't let my dreams slip away from me)

I'm talking sex motion

I'm talking 'bout fashion

I'm talking 'bout skin games

I'm talking 'bout secrets

(And I won't let my heart run away with me)

I'm talking temptation

I'm talking 'bout memories

I'm talking 'bout feelings

I'm talking 'bout emotion

We generate lies

We generate pictures

We generate a video film

That I couldn't let my best friend see

I'd rather lose than forgive you

We generate shame

We generate secrets

We generate a reason for living

And we generate a reason for not

I'd rather hurt than forget you

I can't believe that I'm here

I can't believe what I've seen

I can't believe what I'm doing to you

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