Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu - Urethane

Like so with gasoline

On more we ever been

Went back another day

Off the road..we never made

Mola sinnin until before

Between the lines..readin more

Across the field with little known

It's what they said get in it and go!

Accelerate ..to the floor

Observe the light .. observe the 4

1000 feet had passed us by

Make up the time .. we have to try

Motionless .. and revived

Up above .. a blinding light

Once again .. a different route

Give us the time .. we'll find it out


It's been hidden away .. for 50 years

So says the four .. so says the four

At first they were cleared .. until the 4

Had gained control .. had gained control

A certain sign just like we found

It's what we see .. it's what went down

Urethane has given way

Breakin' down .. just like they say

Light seems to pass on through

A cover up .. is what we knew

No time to check the facts

Never told ... we'd make it back!


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