Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam - U.l.s.w. lyrics

Tonight we take the stage again,

To shock you and capture your holes.

The victims before us, words can't describe,

The kind you seize only in your dreams.

Her striking glance tells the story,

The lust in her mind is plain to see.

She knows that I know what she's thinking.

Thinking of poisoning me...

Poison me - snakes that bite - poison me

The time for gashing has come now,

The reptile slithers to me.

Just one more persuasion,

Her cold blood boils from the heat.

Penetration, injection is painless,

Forked-tongue flicking about.

A constrictor in the form of a woman,

With such a grip... I barely got out!

I'll poison you with my venom,

Come to me, Viper... and see.

The stage smoulders in silence,

The pounding and banging is done...

For now, only until next time,

When for my venom, again you will come.

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