Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam - The Master Sleeps lyrics

Wake the master

Is all you survey

Pictures down the well of my thoughts

In settled dust they're hidden away

Forced down the yellow pills then I stepped into the screen

God were you sleeping so you couldn't hear their screams

God were you sleeping, something feels so strange

When I open my eyes wide you fade away, you fade away

Reflections on this wall consume the tides consuming me

Rejuvinated and cold reasons ripped apart, man bought an d sold

I open doors never chosen for me

Lost my sense of reality

Now I'm free like a rat in a cage

Sleeping God You're a stranger to me

Now I know my place in life as time devours me more each day

Sands will sift away, our time slips away

Can you feel it slipping away, you're growing older day by day

Now I know my place in life and it devours me more each day, no, no

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