Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam - Nothing To Say lyrics

Walking through life with blinders on

Trying not to get too deep in the wrong

With all the peer pressure that they advertise

It's a full time chore to hold back my demise

Everybody telling me what to do

As if everybody knows

There's a fork in the road with a million prongs

And six little nines that I know are wrong

I ain't got

I ain't got nothing to say

Maybe one, maybe two, maybe three hundred times

I've tried really hard to make this rhyme

But it's constant help from the people who know

Make it tougher than it has to be

Every single day I try to get things done

I'm either stopped by the cold or burnt by the sun

There is no easy way to speak your mind

And even harder to get them to hear

I ain't got

I ain't got nothing to say

Every little piece of fantasy

Keeps me right where they want me to be

There's a code that they're all searching by

A map of places I might hide

It's dark with a couple of marker lights

All of my hunters are afraid of heights

There's a well known fact that they don't know

They're chasing a man not on the go

I ain't got

I ain't got nothing to say

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