FESU - Ya Don't Stop

(feat. Loc)


Yeah and it don't quit

It goes on and on and no, it don't stop

It goes on and on and no, it don't quit

No, it don't stop, no, it don't stop

Loc, grab that mic and get busy


I gots the dank and the drink for you stank hoes

Fat chronic sack for the bitches with the dick holes

The drink, it be Tanqueray

To make my niggas go (ho) and the bitches go (hey)

Say fool, what the fuck is up?

You gettin mad cause your bitch gave up them guts?

I had this young tender, toucheth her toes

As I stuck pipe deep in her hole

Swoll', it was nice and warm in that cootie

As I put a grip on that bodacious booty

Ooh, the little miss had it goin on

As I hit the boot to the break of dawn

Out on the lone, wild on the phone

In the fuckin grizzaz, the bitch was passin gas

Bust me a nut, knee deep in the cheeks of her mouth

That's how we do it in the south

And it don't stop



Step wrong so I can whip your monkey ass with this pistol, fool

And stick dick to your bitch on the cool

Can't be a player, Mister Rich

Hungry-ass nigga, you ain't naythin but a bitch

Loc, tell em bring it on (bring it on, fool)

You can't flip no ki's, mister, livin in the [Name] Homes

Come to the school of hard knocks

Curls played out, mister, grow you some dreadlocks

Show me what you're made of, man

So i can plant your feet knee deep in the promised land

Now you know who's on top

You know your boy Fesu is, nigga, and you know it don't stop



When you see some real niggas, come correct, trick

You need to bow down

Fe, tell them hoes how a nigga clown


Yeah, Greenspoint niggas pack that fat dick

For them hoes and shit, you know who you fuckin with

If your man can't fulfill ya

I'm straight out the Crossbow Motel bitch, I kill ya

Had that pussy cold singin the blues

And have your man sick, wanna be in a kid shoes

Wanna know who's been in it

Tell him Fesu laid that lick down and put that dick in it

And this brother don't get got

Because the shit don't quit, nigga, and you know it don't stop


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