Fernanda Porto

Fernanda Porto - Amor Errado

Caught off guard

Or I was even on

Forcing me down hard

Striking even blows

Monochrome mind

Is my only control

Nothing can make me whole

Never dreamed so real

Never felt the way I feel

Soft innards skin of steel

Pounding hard I will reveal

Static from the prison

Saturates my porous head

Distracted by the vision

Of the chrome that's cracking under

Stability I've never known

Catwalk frail and sagging low

Clutching at thin air

Walking my frail wooden ledge

My eyes burning, my head pounding

Don't let me slip

Walk out from dark into the gray

Pain is relative in every way

I bit the nail that broke my back

Now it's chasing, help I'm falling

Now it's broken my neck

I can't believe I fell for that

A blissful ignorance, a comforting


Now it's shoved me down,

burrowed in my head

Is the real me trapped or is he dead






I scream

Sharpening, deafening, shock

Critical, no more

Feeble now was my attempt

For my image gone now to lament

Kicked the chair from under me

I've always wondered but now I see

That all this can come to pass

Kicking, choking, soul flies as I gasp

Dross of life is gone from me

Soon I won't know sin

Nor blood

Nor screams



I walk


No more

Shut out

Sharpening, deafening, shock

Free me, take this, break me

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