Fender Freddie

Fender Freddie - Secret Love guitar tab

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Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon

Secret Love

[D]Once I [DMaj7]had a secret [Bm]love That [D]lived within the heart of

[A]me [D]All too [DMaj7]soon my secret [Bm]love Be[A]came impatient to be


[D]So I [DMaj7]told a friendly [Bm]star The [D]way that dreamers often [A]do

[D]Just how [DMaj7]wonderful you [Bm]are And [A]why I am so in love with


[Bm]Now I shout it from the [A]highest hills [Bm]Even told the golden

[A]daffo[Am]dils At [D]last my [DMaj7]heart's an open [Bm]door And my

[A]secret love's no secret any[D]more

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