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Keeping Up With Faith Evans, Singer Says “What About Lil’ Kim, She Played Her Position In the Back”

Posten on: 2008-08-25 22:26:43

According to Faith Evans, Lil Kim always knew her place in the back way back.In her buzzing memoir, Keeping the Faith, Faith Evans dishes on her relationship with the Hip Hop diva who for many years had an affair with the Notorious B.I.G to Faith's surprise. Thinking that Kim's relationship with Biggie was business related Faith now recalls, "So much has been said about her relationship with my husband. All these years later, people still don't know what to believe. I do know this. When Big and I were together, she played her position in the back. Way back."According to Faith, Kim made herself scarce when she was around except when Big asked Faith to take Kim under her wings by taking her shopping, teaching her the tricks of the game in terms of how to stay fit and healthy for marketing reasons, especially since she was the only female in the Junior M.A.F.I.A. However, according to an excerpt from "Keep The Faith" which is currently in stores, Big had his eye on another hip hop star by the name of Inga, better known as Foxy Brown.Faith recalls a conversation between Biggie and Lil Kim in novel as follows:"I'll go get Inga right now." While Kim cried, Big kept yelling at her. "We don't need you for this group. Inga would be happy to be down. You ain't special, I will replace you're a** with the quickness." Foxy who would later become Kim's nemesis never took her place despite Big's threats. After many years Faith found out the truth about Lil Kim and Biggie's relationship when the self proclaimed "Queen Bee" went on air with Wendy Williams dismissing Faith and Biggie's marriage. Now regretting what would follow (a heated interview where Faith threatened to get in Lil Kim's a** on the Wendy Williams Show), Faith says "Looking back I can't believe I voluntarily went on Wendy's show to talk about this beef with Kim. But at the time, my good judgement was clouded by anger." Despite what went on with the show, Faith Evans came to the realization that she would always love Big but their relationship was over especially after the hip hop star admitted to his affair with Kim'."There was nothing left to say. So we had sex for the rest of the afternoon. But for me, it wasn't like the emotional and passionate nights we shared over the past year. It felt more like closure. I was going to live my life. Alone, if necessary."Faith Evans' "Keep the Faith" is in stores now !

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Faith Evans Reveals Diet Pills Nightmare

Posten on: 2008-06-11 09:45:30

Songstress Faith Evans is cautioning dieting women to stay away from pills as a quick fix to drop the pounds, because medication left her restless and desperate to sleep. The singer used the pills when she hastily tried to lose weight for the release of her first album 'Faith' in 1995, but, though she slimmed down, she was miserable. She says, "I lost about 35 pounds but if I look at pictures... I wouldn't show my arms; I wasn't in any kind of shape. "I didn't eat for like two months; just water and a little powder drink but I didn't know any other way. "It gave you energy and you can't sleep half the time until you decide, 'I'm not gonna take it. I would never endorse that to be the way for someone to just jump into a healthy weight loss." Evans insists she's since found better ways of losing weight and keeping herself trim. She adds, "I tried it the wrong way and then a few years later I did it the right way."

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