Face to Face

Face to Face - The New Way

Overwhelmed by the weight of the world

the current state of the world

It gets tough to hold my head up high

Cracking a smile feels like a task now

it feels so unfamiliar

Street lamps and cross walks, a cold night

I realise, in the constant face of negativity

I'll strive with one thing in mind

Make me your favourite scapegoat

(I have myself)

If that's what you need for self security

It's not gonna be affecting me

I got this one thing you can't deny

I always have me by my side

Overwhelmed by the weight

of criticism and constant disbelievers

I find their words now a fuel

to this burning fire inside

You only push me forward

You could never hold me back

Attack me with what you can

I won't lay down, I take my stand

I will always have by my side

You can't deny this

You can't deprive this

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