Face to Face

Face to Face - Planet Earth

Throw the ring inside, Theja it's just right

Throw the ring and be free

It's just a headache, what's got in you late

Throw the ring and be free

Just can't, it belongs to me

No I won't, no matter what you see

The final deed is in your hand

Time to get free now

Time to be free now

My friend do what's right, you must now win

The fight, it depends on you

Think about Xanteur, make no surrender

At the edge of the dark

Don't cry, undrestand

Without ring I can not stand

Without ring my life is at an end


There - who's creeping upon on me?

Who - swipes the ring? I can't see

On the crater walls they fought

The brave one tried to make this stop

The foe fell in the fire slot


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