Face to Face

Face to Face - Handout

here we are

together in this darkness

enveloped in the

deepest shade of black

connected through this misery

lingering in the air

the burden of goodbye

a heavy ringing in my ear

it's a silent reminder

an afterthought of sorts

bad dreams, hollow sleep

of dark rooms, empty homes

and things without names

memories of murder

the shades that fell

i wouldn't prefer to answer

the question

the last quiet cord to be


nothing to take with you

nothing left for you to keep

the music is over, there's no-one here

it's snowing heavily

i can't even see my breath escaping

never to return

"I lingered around them,

under that benign sky;

watched the moths fluttering

among the heath of harebells

listened the soft wind

breathing though the grass;

and wondered how anyone

could ever imagine unquiet slumbers

for the sleepers in the quiet earth."

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