Face to Face

Face to Face - Graded On A Curve

It's a waste of time

It's a race that can't be won

Call the whole thing off

Well that's easier said than done

And I try to shut it out

And I think I've figured out

That it makes no sense to compare what I've done

So what do I do now that I'm alone?

I've been building up and tearing down

and looking for what never can be found

So what do I do now that I'm alone?

God I tried so hard to get here

but still I'm averaged out

Graded on a curve

Put the blinders on and believe in someone else

You're not what they want that's exactly what they sell

And it's all been preordained but it's never quite the same

Once you've figured out that it makes no sense

And I don't care if I'm the one who makes mistakes

And I don't care how long this is going to take

Does it really matter how you played the game

when you were never really in it

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