Face to Face

Face to Face - Don't Turn Away

Don't Turn Away CHORDS

-YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what

you want to do/never going to amount to much of anything/so what's the differ-

ence if you win or lose?/well that's something/well isn't that something/you

have done nothing and it's never your fault/you've done nothing/don't care

where your friends have gone because you never really needed them anyway/never

going to be exactly who you are because you try too hard to be just like them/

you've got brains in your head/feet in your shoes/you can steer yourslf anyway

yu choose/you're on your own/and you know what you know/and it's up to you to

decide where you'll go/ I'M NOT AFRAID / I didn't want a second chance/now

that's exactly where I am/back where I didn't want to be/back where I knew

you'd find me out/I've never been afraid of you/I never will admit the truth/

I know there's something I can do/I'm not afraid to face myself/but is it me

or something else?/makes me exactly what I am/that's something I will always

doubt / DISCONNECTED / you don't know a thing about me/is there something that

you should know?/I can tell you what you want to hear/let your inhibitions

just go/no you don't know what you will give up/you don't knwo what you want/

it may take you years to find out/you don't know what you need/it's something

that may never come to you/trust is something that comes easy/when you've

never been a victim/lies and promises and words are said/it's your decision to

accept them / NO AUTHORITY / there is someone who knows everything there is to

know/there is someone who is too afraid to let it show/we live by consequences

/we never seem to get it right/conflict of circumstances/and sometimes we may

lose a fight/wouldn't you know/something is going wrong/wouldn't you know/

something is really wrong/no you have no authority/no I am who I want to be/

there are those of us who just sit back and never try/there are those of us

who just sit back and never wonder why / I WANT / everybody wants the truth/

but everybody lies/everybody wants proof/but everybody's blind/so open your

eyes/I really don't know much of anything at all/but I'll admit we're all the

same/you ask for forgiveness and make the same mistakes/and I'll admit we're

all the same/I want to know/do these words mean anything?/how can this life

mean something more than what it seems?/everybody wants equality/but we're all

prejudice/we're all hypocrites/everybody wants the world/but we have nothing /

YOU'VE GOT A PROBLEM / so what's the problem now this time?/I thought you'd

learn by now that nothing ever works out right/you want to take away the edge/

you tell me it's the only thing that helps you to forget/you've made your

promises/that's not enough this time/there's only so much you can squander

from a feeble mind/you've got a problem with your life/you've got a problem

with your mind/don't try to tell me that you think it's gonna work out fine/

so go ahead and try to hide/the world around you watches on as you destroy

your life/do what your problem says/there's not a lot of time / EVERYTHING IS

EVERYTHING / We've got a lot of questions/we've got a lot to learn/so tired of

solving problems/too many bridges burned/we see it all too clearly and still

we close our eyes/who should we understand it?/what good is knowing why?/I

know that life can be filled with these changes/I know there's time when I

fell like I'm failing/I know something in my life will change again/Now I've

got a lot of questions/I've got a lot to learn/I'm tired of solving problems/

too many bridges burned/I can't change the past/I want to move ahead/I want to

understand it/give me the reason why/I'm tired of running these circles in my

life/I've seen the future it changes before my eyes and I know there's some-

thing that's going to change in my life/I know something in my life will

change again / I'M TRYING / 4 year old at play/shot and killed today/never

even had a chance/17 and high/threw away his life/has a gun to feel like he's

a man/can't have it any other way/laying in the street/asking for a drink/

dosen't have a place to love/pregnant at 13/still can hear the screams/some-

thing that she never will forget/can't have it any other way/I'm trying to

open my mind/so you can keep your faith/and I'll just walk away/there's no

reason for me to stay/I'm trying to open my mind/I'm trying to make up my mind

/ PASTEL / another falls in place/you wonder if you're only human/it's blood,

dust and paste/we're held together by a single thread/must be a reason for us

to justify it/but no one will defy it/What is it with this place/or is it that

I'm missing something?/you want to see my face/when I can't even see it for my-

self/I don't want a game that I don't know how to play/just go away/and I

don't want to know how to play/can't I make it just go away?/don't you under-

stand what these problems will demand?/make it just go away/I don't want a

game that I don't know ho to play/just go away / NOTHING NEW / there is some-

thing new/put in front of you/nothing you don't understand/don't try to ration-

alize/no one hears your lies/only you can comprehend/you don't want to see/you

don't want to hear/you don't want to feel at all/tell me that you've tried/

mind is open wide/but you're not listening at all/please don't question me I

don't have the time/if there's a problem then it's easier to set aside/there

is nothing that will make you want to change your mind/you can't take it/you

can't make it so why try / WALK AWAY / don't wanyt to hear what you said/don't

want to kick you in the head/don't want to live my life that way/don't want to

give in but I don't want to be victimized/don't want to live my life that way/

walk away/try to see things in a different way/don't want to tell you your

place/don't want to get in your face / DO YOU CARE / do you want to make a

difference?/do you wonder what would happen if you don't?/do you need just a

little push?/do you try to change?/do you think about the other guy?/do you

want just one good reason why you should?/do you only think about yourself?/do

you want to be left alone?/you're running out of time/and I don't see a change

in you/and I don't think you're gonna make it/do you understand the way it

works?/do you want to take as much as you get?/do you need a little push?/do

you try to change?/we're running out of time and there aren't changes made/

and I don't think we're going to make it / 1,000 X / I've tried to ask the

question/must be a million answers that just aren't there/you try to find your

self/I'll try to live my life/I just don't care/take a look at your life/tell

me can you say you've done no wrong?/ask yourself the question/do you realize

where you belong?/I've been down/I've been out/I've been there/I've been down

this road a thousand times/nothing ever looks the same/it seems there's some-

thing more I might never see

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