Face to Face

Face to Face - Big Choice guitar tab


"Big Choice" by Face to Face

E5(i) 022xxx

F#5 244xxx

A5 577xxx or x022xx

B5 799xxx or x244xx

C#5 x466xx

D5 x577xx

E5(ii) x799xx

p.m. = pick hand muting

intro (gtr 1):

(let ring throughout)







gtr 2 strikes the A5 chord and few times then plays it muted repeatedly.

then the opening/chorus riff:

A5 E5(ii) F#5 D5 (x2)



A5 B5 C#5 (F#5 w/heavy p.m.)

D5 A5 B5


F#5 D5 (x3)

E5(i) E5(ii)


A5 E5(ii) F#5 D5

A5 E5(ii) D5


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