Face to Face

Face to Face - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

You've got your reputation

I've got anonymity

I've got my self-respect

You can't take that from me

You've got to protect your interests

You've got your enemies

I've got a hundred reasons

To expose your treachery

There is no happy ending

Only what remains to be

I want an explanation

I want an apology

You ruined everything

You tried to run away but you can't

I want to hear the answer

I want the opportunity

You wasted so much time

You tried to run away but you can't

You had your way of speaking

I was full of naivete

We had a common interest

And a trust based on a need

I've got my own ideas

I've got my integrity

You've got your binding contracts

You've got your misery

Your power and position

Your hunger and your greed

Walk on the backs of others

Toward the goals you will achieve

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