Face Down

Face Down - Slender Messiah lyrics

He's building a mountain for you

You're so filled with your self,

Never wrong always right

Always the winner in your own little world,

Fantastic, Always on top

Well, The bigger the ego the harder the fall,

Please man, are you for real

Your myths and your lies

really makes my eyes bleed,

Delude your surroundings

Pretending to be something that you're not,

You're only...

Deceiving your self

Hypocritical liar,

To believe in your self

you're a slender messiah

Take credit from others,

Steal your ideas,

Duplicate with no remorse

Try to see,

The world isn't in orbid around you,

Even when we have seen

The true nature of your scheme,

you're still pretending

you're something you're not

You're only...

Slender messiah

the god when all else has failed

Building a mountain,

By using small fragments of truth

The joke is on you!

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