Face Down

Face Down - Holy Rage lyrics

Preacher man, judging you againTelling you about your

sinsHe made himself god to saySinful life is not the

wayFollow christ the lord of fliesIn holy wars where

people still dieSo as god fills your hollow mindI will

st my own rules of lifeBody of christHoly rage"Thou

shalt not sin" are the words of the weakDo you

really believe in turning the other cheek?

!As so many others, you've been deceivedBy the false

servants of hate and greedIf there is a will there

is a wayI'll never be on my knees to prayYou're taught

to believe in christian liesWords that will destroy

your livesBody of christHoly rageAmen They fool youThey

rule youAnd soon they'll also own you They fooled youThey

ruled youAnd now they also own you They fooled youThey

ruled youWho will now come to save you? They fooled youThey ruled you Amen

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