Face Down

Face Down - Demon Seed lyrics

There is a seed set to grow in my soulThat burns my

heart but leaves my brain in controlScreams of pain

and screams of fearThat lives inside my head So now

in different shapes I come to youSmile as I fill your

head with words untrueAddictive ways of pleasure I

bring to theeYou are weak,

thereby easy to victimizeCrack my whipTo project demons

in your mindTaking you downTo the forever blackNow

it's my time to riseBreak you down and grind your soulFear

and disgust cracks your faceI have reached my goal

So now that I have entered your soulI shall proceed

to crushNot because I want to or need toRather just

because I canCrack my whip.

..The one with the mind on a higher levelPrecious life,

honed to perfectionDevious in heart,

spawn of the darkBorn of demon seed The son of the

one almightyI will be there to controlAlways doing

what I pleaseDemon seedCrack my whip.

..Devious in heartSpawn of the dark Demon seed

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