Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - There Is One lyrics

Faith in me that's wanting, I don't want to live this way

The ghosts that will chase me forever

And I remember, the things that were both good and bad

And why we let it slip away

And the things that made me angry, raged a war of attrition inside my head

Things that changed me forever, and I have tried to be the best I thought I could

There must have been another way

There is another way I still believe

And this thing it didn't kill me, but it hurts like hell when you're getting strong

I should go lift a mountain, and I have felt it curled up inside

Behind a wall, tired of waiting to be free

There is another way I still believe

There is another way There is one


So I'm alone now once again

So much to offer but a lack of expression

I could have helped you help yourself

Instead I did it all for you, and still you left

For all that you've given, All that is taken

From out of this dream I'll surely awaken

With ice cold breath and a scream of pain

Did you hear me when I called your name?

I stand alone in my mind again, my own worst friend to everyone

I tell you that I know you know, and if you don't, I can't help you see

What it has done to me

But I still believe, that this is not the way

It's supposed to be, I believe

I still feel the way I touched you, I still feel the way you broke my heart

Now I can't eat and I can't sleep, and I can't think

Why can't I keep my heart intact, when it bursts the seam

My true blood running down my sleeve

There was one

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