Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - The Road of Good Intentions lyrics

Cement shoes to start my downward motion

A one-way ticket to the bottom of the ocean

Big fish come to check out the commotion

Swallow me whole inside this big fish bowl

Hell yeah

For my sins I suffer condemnation

I jump down straight into the center of salvation

There's no slow descent or so she didn't mention

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Hell yeah

I try to see the best in me

I walk the road of good intentions

Why can't you tell that I meant well

I walk the road of good intentions

Walking tall with a chip upon my shoulder

The moss gross fast and the chip becomes a boulder

Time flies when I'm feeling so much older

I warmed up and my world she got much colder

Hell yeah

In the end what went wrong

Everything turns to dust

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