Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - The Color of Your Wings lyrics

Taste of the life, devour your soul

Your boys are now numbers raising the toll

You think you're a victim, societies leech

Sinned all your existence, white powder you preach

Violence to gain, history's excuse

When all along it's the path you choose

For you are the one whom the media sings

Soon you will see the color of your wings

Superior race, professional hate

You lost your chance, too little too late

Your fallen leader to whom you serve

Fanatics get what fanatics deserve

Hating the world, idea that you eat

You follow your icon who tasted defeat

True angel of death your future brings

Soon you will see the color of your wings

It must be that it got to me

I can't take it anymore

Rage and hatred funning free

God only knows what we have in store

A terrible time a vicious crime

Five billion people stand in line

Just to see what will never be

The need to hate worth so much more

We don't discriminate, we hate everyone

Fuck you and your history and your black Miss America

Discriminate against all other skins

Cause you know your justice is below the law

White trash little nazi shit conformists one and all

If you could think through your bald ass head

You might think for yourself God help us all

Red, white, and black you're just a man

Don't make you right and us all wrong

So here's to all you racists fucks

For inspiration to my song

Kill for religion, no remorse

Your wars are unholy, and so is your source

Fanatic derision, vague deceit

It won't be your God when you die that you meet

Political lie, hatred you sell

You sand sucking fucker you're going to hell

Taunt the great Satan so feel how she stings

Soon you will see the color of your wings

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