Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Rubberwhore lyrics

So now you speak

Words and truth betrayed

My love and my trust betrayed

So take what's yours and I'll keep mine

We'll burn what's yours to forget the time

When things were said and lies were told

This love was dead before it got old

I don't care at all about you now

You give good head games

Why did I believe in you

Why believe in you

I can't talk to anyone

I just can't trust in what they say

It doesn't make a difference

That it's you who made me this way

If I don't feel for anyone

Then you'll have got to your way

Rebuild this world around me

And make this the last day

That I feel

The ice that forms around my heart

Is the only thing that's real

I feel

Deceived betrayed and played

The only thing that's left of us is hate

I hate the air you breathe

I despise all your lies

I despise all your cries


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