Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Psychomagnetic lyrics

Insecurity breeds contempt

Opposing perceptions of time well spent

Your disregard for the way I feel

You're all up in your head where nothing's real

I must have been a prick in some past life gone

You say it's over then you come back strong

You play your life like it's on a stage

Through all your abuse misuse and distrust

Your liquid loyalty integrity rust

You are not the first to prove themselves sick

Opposites attract but I can't be that sane

"US" is in the path of an oncoming train

That kind of love that goes bad before long

You speak of forever but I know this is wrong

Your bitch side it blackens the whole

Your love is a cancer eating my soul

Your mouth is too fast for the brain

Whose fault is it that you're insane

It's not you you're just schizophrenic

I know it's me I'm psychomagnetic

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