Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Pain lyrics

And still there comes another sunrise again

Clouded by the shades of yesterday

Still I feel naiveté's hope for change

Memories endured memory remains

Peel the skin off this walking corpse

Fingernails scrape the skin from off my back

When the pain you feel is deliberate masochistic and integral

And all you know is you lived it fought it but you gave up hope

Never let your pain get in the way

You told me I'd feel no pain

You can always count on it

Not thinking about it

Will never take away

Take away my pain

Feel the things that make your heart turn gray

I wear mine proudly on my sleeve

When all you taste is your own blood filing up your mouth and throat

Thought it didn't taste good you refused to let it make you choke

I've become so much stronger since I've embraced my pain

You can always count on it

Can you live with it

Once you learn to live with it

Nothing can ever take it away

You can count on

You can depend on

You can take from

I'm so proud of my pain

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