Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Machine lyrics

Welcome to the lines

Of the meat production chain

Meat survival's down

Plague death from the disease

Still the meat procreates

Adds bodies to the flames

Lifesex it hungers on

Too hungry for release

This serpent devours Eden

Hormonal venom relief

Meat production relentless

Virgin survival instinct

The last porno hero Adam

And anorexic sister Eve

And the serpent it fucks on

Like an erect man-made machine

I will survive

Lifeblood contradiction

Death's found a way into your veins

Our very nature sanitizes

Genocidal clean

Carnivorous immortal urges

Grinding gears, oil stained

Meat is now the serpent

And man is still machine

Final carnal conviction

Future sentence restrained

Killer/victim made you cum

And join the new food chain

Death instantaneous

But it makes you suffer through the race

Find faith until your power's gone

Ten new machines in your place

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