Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Just Like Clockwork lyrics

Got mighty convictions, I'm my only help

I'm on my own conditions, I only blame myself

I try to be the only friend I need

To be left alone it came to be

That I slip in and out of the me

Just past the point of thinking

Instincts rule the mind

Old habit starts to sink in

The thoughts I thought I left behind

It's like an old "B" freak show

No heroes on the stage

Escalation predictable sweat, spit and rage

I raise my fists, you pull your knife

I raise my gun, if this goes down

I'll take your life, a brief moment

Just like clockwork

No love, no fear, no place, just here

No past, no fate, no mercy, just hate

Stand back, unless you wanna get smacked

You think you know me now,

You never seen me snap like that,

It's a fact, wrong side of the tracks

With no intent to get back

My enemy coulda been a friendly

Adrenaline pump and the rage is free

To be the death of me

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