Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Commonlaw lyrics

Ring you neck until it's red and rosy

With my fist smash your posies

Ashes to ashes our world falls down

Feed the poison it tastes like lies

Wash them down with the tears you cry

Digest this love I'd rather spit it out

Hey headache just get out

Get out

This birth this life my death

This hurt this strife my head

Headbutt gutwrench at night I lie

With this demon by my side

Under the scope that is your eye

I'm the disease from which you die

Witch hunt cash front rape my soul

Instinct and convictions from me you stole

Hand job blow job no job

Rack my brain at night over you

It's all me never you

I'm the monster who created this hell

That I put you through

Gave up fist fucked system bucked

From all your problems you run away

I'll never be the same

Never feel the same

Tired of hearing you shout

From my head just get out

Used to love you used to need you

Used to feel you just get the hell out

Won't care won't need

Won't want won't breathe

Won't love won't feel

Just get out

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