Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Chameleon lyrics

I've tried everything, just to change the pain

Fractured dream, and I'm not the same

I've lost ability to escape in sleep

Hold on a little longer

And there's nothing left of me

And you said you love me, and you said you needed me

But it's not me

Was never on the inside, too long to be alone

Was never like them, no identity of my own

I can be anything except myself, chameleon

And you said you know me, and you said you'd care for me

But it's not me

Traumatized by the voices inside

Sold myself on a dream that lied

Do things that my friends don't recognize

And know I despise what I've come to feel

Fear constricts and I don't feel real

Parts of you begin to steal

I survive by adaptability

Why can't she see further inside of me

Pull me out and set me free

All I want is for you to let me be

Now I'm back and forth again

Pull me closer, push me away - chameleon

Why did it have to be you who did this to me?

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