Face Down (US)

Face Down (US) - Anti-Life lyrics

Get off my back get off my case

Shit missed the fan and hit me in the face

My car is torn and my clothes are broke down

And I'm so broke my rain checks bounce

Life is tough now can't you see

I got kicked out of my own fantasy

My dog pissed my bed and ruined my sheets

And none of my shoes seem to fit my feet


Hitting the stage now every night

They say break a leg so I break my right

I can't take this shit I have to shout

Tried to hang myself I ripped the ceiling out

Say that's crazy man my life's going far

Walked out to the world and got hit by a car

Nothing seems to go my way

I got different shit on the same fucking day


I am lost and alone

Will you come back to me

Come back and make me whole

It's been like this for all these years

Kill the hatred deny the fear

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