Fabulous Disaster

Fabulous Disaster - Next Big Joyride lyrics

Hey! What can I say?

Something's on my mind like every other day

Hey! You slow down, I can see you're headed for a breakdown

Go! Go! Take another pill and a real big swig to forget about me

Don't you know by now, you're under my skin like six feet under ground..

Hey yeah, oh yeah, Let's go, the Next Big Joyride <i>[x4]

Now I'm half asleep, now I'm awake

Thought it was a daydream

I'm so horrified cuz now you see the real me, deep inside

Then I say it's black, she says it's white

I say it's day, she says alright

It's time to run, it's time to hide, get ready for the next big joyride

Hey yeah, Oh yeah, let's go, the next big Joyride <i>[x4]

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