Fabrizio De Andre

Fabrizio De Andre - Il Pescatore lyrics

I'm too famous (x3)

For you now

Mom don't even try to call

I'm too busy writing songs

I'm too famous (x4)

Dad can't make me do my chores

I don't wash dishes cause I'm hardcore

I'm too famous (x4)

Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Eve

None of this stuff means shit to me

I don't eat turkey and I hate trees

Cause I'm famous and too elite

Not even Grandma gets to know

How to get tickets to my next show

I'm too famous (x4)

My uncle wants to hear my shit

He thinks that I write number one hits

I'm too famous (x4)

I'm too famous (x3)

For you now

Goodbye family, goodbye pets

If you're in doubt I'm taking bets

I'll be in LA in three more years

So enjoy your smokes and drink your beers

You think it's dumb that I'm on stage but

I'd rather do this than make minimum wage

You don't understand 'cause you can't see

I do this cause you don't like me

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