Fabolous - Ba lyrics

Coitus raped

Blastomed cranio

Uretthrall odour

Starts to pyose pus

Cadaveric annals macerate

Necro dissected

Endo lapses enzyme

Spyro cardiac marbles

On scouring blast

Pedophilatrophy on rected

Lipoma danks

Haemoglobal furuncle gnaws rupture

In the acrid ward the sunken germs

Quolicystomy retro rigid cartilages

Now the parylisis splattered deformed

Cranio virulunced exeulcerated on castrated

Gangrened liquefaction on metamorphose

Grounded fludges verrucose in the crypts

Anatomy starts changing dissoluced

Conjunctivated post colemesis defects

Viruses extirpate by leechs of grin

Rot progressive

Cavernose suppure

Vile colony

Of necro biosis in the rectum

Abortive psicopatogenetical ureter

Empyamical vesaculla chewed in nausea

Blackened sperms effluviyzing on the corrupts

Cynic vomited diaorrhea excreted off

Eructs of faecal chronic stuprumes

Rotting cancer in clinic pancreo invulse

Nodules pseudo regurgitate dilation

Inner gutted of endo lapse flatulentia

Hot stink inside malformed fungoids

Saturated growths of phelgmy tumours

Hack crispies munched vaginal gurgle

Skewering freshly intoxicated pyoma abrupture


On clots of catalypts


Giblets on total amorpht

Smells of the cottered

Putrid oestocondroma

And I taste my enema

Fullfied me on maturation

Mixing anal erupts grubing of putrefactive

Anereocervyx implants

On grotesque mucose

Necrotic asepsiaphagist

In mucopurulence

Haemangled marbled scoured

On the thyroided my warts clumps in chunks

Urina melting and boiling on the porous

Calculal convulsing

Rectocells in warts

Excoriating mincing dismembrent

Reproducing slowly diseases in dorso

In sickly dusks of reek

Pharygerms now gargling

Choped in half and mutated turfs

Dark red


Facial mastication cadaveric sub tumours

Blistering in all

Pharyngalle abruptions

Evacuationg malformed on dark piss

Fissures of putrid weak rotting insides

Along the body, the greenish, sub acrid grubs

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