FABO - Geek'd Up (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Young Jezzy]

Fabo I gotch nigga!!! (yeah!)

REMIX!!! (yeah)

Yeah, I see you chico (let's go)

CTE nigga!! Grand Hype what up nigga!!??

West Side, what it do nigga

East Side huh (Slick Pulla what's happenin'?)

You already know... Let's get it nigga

A Fabo, you know I do this one for love nigga

I don't need nothin' nigga (let's get it!!)

[Verse 1: Young jeezy]

I said I'm higher than a muthafucka, right now

I'll shot a nigga dead in his shit, right now

They tought about a law, but I don't see how

Pull up in my car, and the bitches like WOW!!

And was me a Fa-Bezi, he on 3 pills

Rena Gochenasha, need another 3 mil

Bitch you better chill, can't you see I'm floss

Fedarally's on me, so I pause for the boss

All these feds keep lookin' at me

Slowin' down the trap, make it hard for a G

Gotta bitch on Bankhead, nothin' but a Dankhead

Slide thru on tha late night, she give good head

It was me Slick P, you know we ran a train on her

I.O.U., you know we ran the game on her

Mac 11 cock, and the A R steady

Run up on me, muthafucka I'm ready

[Bridge: Fabo (of D4L)]

Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geeked Up

I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up

[Verse 2: Fabo (of D4L)]

Star Trek, Star Trek

Scotty don't wanna give a star back

I'm in tha zone, and I bought me a star gack

And I'm really geek'd up, that's a star fact

I'm startin' to see spaceships on Bankhead

I roll wit gangstas, pill poppas, and dank heads

I got partners like Worm, Lil' Boom, Buddy, and Famous

I got sistas like Yasmine, Chocolate, Porcha, they dangerous

I fly like blaze, when I'm burning purp

Real powder heads, we burning hurt

Geek music, I'm earning turf

While you football soft, like nerf

[Chorus: Fabo (of D4L)]

I'm in tha zone, I gotta see my doctor, Scotty's calling me (Scotty beam me up)

I'm in tha zone, I wanna fly morning, noon, and night

I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geeked Up

I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up


I'm Geek'd up, I can't make it on my own

I'm Geek'd up, I wish these haters leave me alone

Help me, help me, help me, help me

Help me, help me, help me, help me (I just wanna be, free)

[Talks while beat fades out]

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