Fabares Shelley

Fabares Shelley - Picnic lyrics

If this house could talk oh what a story although it's only made of wood and stone

How it could brag about its days of glory when it almost became a happy home

I just came back in town to sign the papers the house is sold now it's no longer mine

And since the place I built for you once meant so much to me

Thought I'd drop by and see it one more time

I parked the car got out and looked it over

The unkept lawn now seemed so strange to me

That rambling rose that I'd set out with tender care had died

And weeds grow now where flowers used to be

I walked up close looked through the picture window

The past was oh so clear as I looked through

I listened close and almost heard those tender words of love

As I sat by the fireside with you

If this house could talk...

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