Extreme - Who Cares

Tell me, jesus,<br>Are you angry? <br>One more sheep has,<br>Just gone astray<br>A hardening of hearts,<br>Turning to stone<br>Wandering off,<br>So far from home<br>So many children,<br>Losing time<br>Walk in darkness,<br>Looking for a sign<br>Chasing their rainbows,<br>The future looks so bright<br>Slowly we're losing,<br>Sight of the light<br><br>Who cares? <br>Who cares? <br>Who cares? <br>Tell me who cares? <br>Who cares? <br><br>All alone,<br>Out in the cold<br>Can't look back,<br>Am I growing old<br>I chose a path,<br>Is this my fate<br>Am I finding out,<br>The truth too late<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Here I am,<br>A naked man<br>Nothing to hide<br>With empty hands<br>Remember me,<br>I am the one<br>Who lost his way,<br>Your prodigal son<br><br>Who cares? <br>Who cares? <br>Who cares? <br>Tell me who cares? <br>Who cares? <br><br>Am I ever gonna change<br>Will I always stay the same<br>Say one thing<br>Then I do the other<br>Same old song<br>Goes on forever<br>Rise, rise 'n shine<br>A new day is coming<br>Yes it is!

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