Extreme - When I First Kissed You

New york city can be so pretty<br>]from a bird's eye view<br>Because up there<br>Yeah, that's where I first kissed you<br>A modern day romance<br>A perfect performance<br>Acting like two fools<br>Saying silly things<br>Whisper sweet nothings<br>Live young lovers only do<br><br>I was shaking<br>You were breathtaking<br>Like the empire state<br>My voice was so far<br>Not quite sinatra<br>Singing songs so great<br>The clock struck one<br>The night still very young<br>In the city that never sleeps<br>Then a whirlwind blew<br>When I first kissed you<br>Nearly swept me<br>Swept me off my feet<br><br>When I first kissed you<br>That's when I knew<br>I was in love<br><br>Because up there<br>Yeah, that's where<br>I first kissed you

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