Extreme - Unconditionally

So tell me what can I do<br>That you couldn't see through<br>From the very start<br>There is only one thing<br>Yet to come from my heart<br><br>Loving you, unconditionally<br>Loving you, unconditionally<br>That's what I want to be<br>What you are to me<br><br>Can you see why it's so hard<br>For me to break apart<br>From all the things I hold<br>Closer to a heart<br>That has grown, far too cold<br><br>Loving you, unconditionally<br>Something new<br>To a heart yet not free<br>That's what I want to be<br>What you are to me<br><br>And though it seems impossible<br>When both of my hands are full<br>That's the only condition<br>That keeps me<br>From loving you. . .

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