Extreme - There Is No God

so you're a self proclaimed messiah

or maybe a blasphemes liar

a clever hypnotic hoax

a hallowed heretic coax

who tells these stories so old

no, never the same twice told

speaking in distorted thruths

i see that thomas wants some proof

did you come to heal the sick

with one more magician's trick

ye generation seeks a sign

while blind keeps leading the blind

so you say there is no god

just a clever man's charade

a once upon a fairy tales fraud

has god made man or man made god

there is no god

confused thy talk in parables

accused thou walk in parallels

a simple game of simon says

this month's flavor sciences

today's fact, tomorrow's fiction

leave the rest to superstition

if knowledge comes from learning books

wisdom comes from discerning looks

a fool that says there is no god

don't feel for that sorry sod

who needs proof then he'll believe

i wonder if he's been deceived

there is no god

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