Extreme - Smoke Signals

Look before you cross

Buckle up your seat belt

Parental discretion advised

Keeping off the grass

Beware of the dog

A restricted area

Police will take notice

Oh, no, don't wanna know

My ass from my elbow

Oh, no don't wanna know

Don't wanna know

Where there's smoke

There's fire

Don't be playin' ball in the street

Where there's smoke

There's fire

What you sow is what you will reap

Slippery when wet

Skating on thin ice

Caution falling rocks

Give a hoot don't pollute

Surgeon General's warning

Don't you drink and drive

Saying no to drugs

Hazardous to your health

Out of reach from children

Fatal if you swallow

Keep away from heat

Pull in case of fire

Rain dance Howthafukowee


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