Extreme - Play With Me

Ring around the rosie<br>Hopscotch, monopoly<br>Red light, green light<br>G. i. joes and barbies<br>Hide and seek, kick the can<br>Cowboys and indians<br>Wiffle ball, paper dolls<br>Hacky sack and hangman<br><br>Do you wanna play with me<br><br>Tag you're it, cops and robbers<br>Jungle gym, chutes and ladders<br>Tic tac toe, mister rogers<br>Marco polo, london bridges<br>Simon sez, steal the bacon<br>Time out, trick or treat<br>Electric company<br>Olly olly oxen free<br><br>Do you wanna play with me<br><br>Chorus:<br>Do you, do you<br>Wanna, wanna<br>Play, play with me<br>Play with me<br>Do you, do you<br>Wanna, wanna<br>Play, play with me<br>Play with me<br><br>Spin the bottle, post office<br>Kiss and tell, dressin' up<br>Playin' doctor, peek-a-boo<br>Two hand touch, cooties<br>Little league, looney tunes<br>Scissors rock paper, zoom<br>Kick ball, stick ball<br>Kill the guy with the ball<br><br>Do you wanna play with me<br><br>Buckin' up, recess<br>Jump rope, relieveo<br>See saw, sand box<br>Matchbox, cheerios<br>Abc's, spelling bees<br>Sesame street, hockey<br>Duck duck duck duck<br>Duck duck goose<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Jack and suzi<br>Sittin' in a tree<br>K-i-s-s-i-n-g<br>First comes love<br>Then comes marriage<br>Then comes adam<br>In a baby carriage

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