Extreme - Our Father

Oh daddy please,<br>Take me with you<br>Where you going<br>Oh daddy please,<br>Come find the time,<br>Come watch us growing<br>Oh daddy please,<br>Don't leave there's so<br>Much that we want to<br>Know before you go<br><br>I'm in need of someone<br>To tie my shoe,<br>Or take hold of my hand<br>When I become afraid<br>And whose footsteps<br>Will I follow into,<br>Daddy please,<br>Don't run away<br><br>Our father<br>Far father<br>Well let me tell you 'bout<br>Our father<br>Far farther away...<br><br>Oh daddy please,<br>I pray every night<br>The doors will open<br>Oh daddy please,<br>This house is just<br>A broken home,<br>Left all alone

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